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Pretend Friends - Tabletop RPG Adventures

Nov 29, 2017

The Pretend Friends are back in space for another epic encounter with the Empire. 

ON TODAY'S EPISODE: Our heroes encounter a new foe who has uncertain history with a member of their crew... 

Nov 22, 2017

Our heroes run out of money and have to resort to skullduggery for a quick cash infusion. They also encounter a marital crises. 

ON TODAY'S EPISODE: Davl, Space and Killcat explore the Zavijavan system with their newly formed crew. 

Nov 19, 2017

Davl, Killcat and Space take to the skies! The Space skies! 

ON TODAY'S EPISODE: People deal with things in different ways - some with thoughtful insight, some with intimate conversation, and some with guns and space swords.

Nov 9, 2017

Davl, Space and Killcat get to know their FEELS.

ON TODAY'S EPISODE: Our heroes learn that riots TRULY are their own reward. 

Nov 2, 2017

Our heroes learn some new things, but will the lessons stick?

ON TODAY'S EPISODE: Davl, Space and Killcat learn some history and maybe create new life.